Web Hosting

A more personal touch to web hosting, without compromising performance

"Flat" Hosting, what does that mean?

"Flat" webhosting refers to when an application doesn't require anything more than just a runtime or static environment to function. This can be as simple as just an apache2 server serving HTML files or as technically complex as a PHP server with web-cgi support. As long as the environment is all that your app needs, that's without databasing or proxy-routing, "Flat" webhosting is all that you need. For more dependant applications, see my "Dynamic" webhosting solution above! 🙂

What about some technical specifications?

Sure! Here's my current environment offerings:


  • Stack: Apache2, NGINX, and PHP 7.X+
  • OS: Alpine Linux 3.X+
  • Hardware: Docker-in-Kubernetes
  • Ports: 80, 8080, 443

"Modern JS"

  • Stack: NodeJS 12.X+ and npm 6.X+
  • OS: Alpine Linux 3.X+
  • Hardware: Docker-in-Kubernetes
  • Ports: 80, 3000, 443

"Zeue's Fave"

  • Stack: Go 1.13.X+ and Caddy 1.X+
  • OS: Alpine Linux 3.X+
  • Hardware: Docker-in-Kubernetes
  • Ports: 80, 443

Don't see your prefered stack? Don't worry! If it runs within Docker then I can accomodate! 😉

But wait, you can get it for free!

I believe that any good cause should be able to get onto the internet without having to deal with the hassle of paid memberships and hosting subscriptions. That's why I have always, and will continue to, provide my services to any project free of charge, as long as they fit within the following criteria:

For Open Source Software:
  1. Are actively being maintained
  2. Allow contribution to their project
  3. Are using GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket
For Charities and Events:
  1. Are registered as non-profit
  2. Publish financial information
  3. Don't promote anything commercial
For Creators and Artists:
  1. Are actively working on their art
  2. Publish their art to a public space
  3. Adhere to copyright and fair-use laws